Quilts of Valor

A Quilt of Valor is an award that you have earned by your sacrifice to our country to protect and defend each and every one of us. This quilt comes as an expression of gratitude meant to thank and comfort you, and brings you this three-part message:

1. First, we honor you for your service, for leaving all you hold dear to serve, whether in time of crisis or in time of peace.

2. Next, our quilters know that “freedom is not free” and the cost of our freedom is thededication of men and women like you. This Quilt of Valor unequivocally says “thank you for your service and valor in serving our country.”

3. And finally, this quilt is meant to comfort you and to remind you that although your family and friends cannot be with you at all times, you are forever in our thoughts and hearts.

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EDV President Rosendo Gutierrez
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Quilt of Valor
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