Who: Edgewood District Veterans, Inc.

What: Project Warm 2023 – An annual community service project to provide warm jackets or hoodies to needy children in the Edgewood Independent School District Elementary Schools.

When: Delivery of jackets to selected elementary schools during the week of December 11, 2023 thru December 15, 2023 prior to the children’s departure for the Holiday Semester Break

Where: 5 selected elementary schools within the EISD

Why: To provide needy children of the EISD with warm jackets in fulfillment of the EDV Mission Statement “To give back to our community through social service actions.”

How: We plan to foster donations from local organizations or businesses to sponsor or raise funds to purchase 250 hoodie jackets. We also plan to have a fundraiser raffle during the months of October, November, and December, with winner announced at a later date TBD.

EDV Executive Board Meeting, 2023 @1:00pm @The Neighborhood Place in the Conference Room.